Introduction time! My name is Vinnie. I am on the Board of Directors for VS4L. I hail from Detroit Michigan. Back in 2002, I join the United States Coast Guard. I did a 6-year tour as a Machinery Technician and a Boarding Officer. After getting out, I found myself struggling with returning to civilian life. After a while, I was at the bottom in a mental hole. I was homeless, broken, and lost. Everything was a struggle just keeping myself mentally together. It took a lot of fighting with inner demons and pushing myself every day just to act normal for my kids, family, and friends. Nobody knew what I was going through. I hid everything that was going on, which was not smart on my end. It was not easy. After realizing I was not doing myself, or my family, any good on the road I was on, I pushed myself to sort my life out. I went back to school, found a job, and worked on my relationship with my kids.

     Now, 12 years later, I am a single father raising two wonderful teenagers. I work for one of the biggest automotive/military safety testing companies in the world. Turned out to be a pretty good life. I am very artistic, a little loud and outspoken, I love riding motorcycles, fishing, and playing music. I look back and think how hard that was but I probably would not be the person I am today if I had not gone through all that.

     Jim has been working on VS4L for a little while when I was asked to help with the foundation. I have seen what he has done himself and what he has done for others.  How could I say no? I look back and wish I had a support system like this when I was struggling. I am here to help where ever I can because I have been there, I know the feeling. So, hopefully, I can help with some guidance and knowledge. We are here to show people who are having problems that no matter how small or big you think they are, that there is someone out there that can and wants to help.