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Ross Nunn skydiving

Greetings everyone,

     My name is Ross Nunn and though the Veteran’s Skydive for Life Board of Directors does not like to officially hold a title, I suppose I would be considered the Vice President if we did.

     I am a Veteran of The United States Navy. I met James Osterman shortly after graduating basic training in A school in 1991. We did not grow close until we found out at the end that we were both from Michigan, and we were both going to serve in the same department aboard the USS John F. Kennedy CV-67. We managed to stay in contact after we both got out of the service and even visited each other. I had the honor of attending his wedding as well.

     I hold an Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, and currently, work as an armed response force officer for Detroit Edison at the Enrico Fermi II Nuclear Power Plant in Michigan. About five years ago I was at rock bottom. No job, broke, separated from my wife, angry, depressed, alienated from my children, and ready to give up on life. Around that time, James was on a mission to bring Veteran suicide awareness to people by traveling to different drop zones across America and talking to anyone who would listen about how skydiving can help depressed Veterans find some of the camaraderies they miss from the military. His first stop was in Michigan, where he talked me into taking my first Tandem jump which he paid for out of his own pocket. Everyone was so friendly, and helpful, alleviating me of my anxiety and even though that first step was terrifying, the rest of the dive was breathtaking and that entire experience changed my entire outlook on life. Since that motivation, I reconciled with my wife, found an amazing job with purpose, calmed my anger issues (mostly), beat back depression, learned how to play Bass Guitar, and I have a good relationship with my sons.

     From that initial motorcycle trip, Veteran Skydive For Life was born and when James asked me to join, there was no way I could say no because his vision to help bring Veteran suicide down to 0 was now my vision.

I have since completed three Tandem jumps and each one has been better than the last. Unfortunately, due to living in Michigan and my precarious work schedule, I cannot attend every event but I am always there in spirit and make every effort to attend the Memorial Motorcycle rides hosted by the organization.

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